funeral pyre

by ourfathers.

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    - 12 song LP from ourfathers.
    - 2 disc color vinyl (coke bottle with white and ox-blood splatter) in a gatefold sleeve
    - 12-page art booklet

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'funeral pyre' - The debut LP from ourfathers.


released June 1, 2018

Jacob Winik - Tiny Telephone
Chris Rudy - Imperial Audio
Mike Kalajian - Rogue Planet Mastering


all rights reserved



ourfathers. San Francisco, California

With the catalyst of the founding members fathers passing away- They wrote an ode to the recently deceased asking for advice; expecting no answers.

These songs are what they have left of the memories of the men who raised them and the widows they left behind.
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Track Name: erinyes magaera
When heaven left, we were never alone.
If I called you my father,
would you call me back home?
Between the sinners and the saints
We spoke lines of solace.

We were martyrs in this war
We were martyrs in this.

I am the prodigal son left to find my way home.
But you never let me go
You never let me go.

Oh god, dear brother.
My brothers, my sisters.

Arise arise now dear dreamer
& taste the burning sky
Arise arise now my believer
& taste the burning sky

Take heart dear friend.
Take this heart my friend,
For tomorrow the sun will rise again.
Track Name: we departed (ghahean shores)
I died at the bottom of a merchant ship.
My body laid for weeks on the engine room floor.
My soul walks through these hallowed halls always alone.
I don’t know love.
I don’t know who I am.

We’re afraid of the damages we’ve done
We forget what it means to be alive.
Oh, such terrifying words spoke in your name
Such terrifying wars fought to our shame.

So bless this flesh,
& curse these eyes for what they’ve done.
I was never alive.
& all these wasted strides
I’m alone, I’m doomed. Where is my end again?
We spoke the words left underfoot
This pain, this hell. So tell me again,
Tell me again why I should feel the same?
Track Name: the depths of mausoleums treaded
Our bodies sway from the gallows
Drunk ships and lanterns, sinking.
Our hearts used to beat for forever
With the pressing of our lips we save face.

With dull quills we carve paths,
Rivers of ink leading us away.
Like lovers, we embrace.
The tide is begging us to stay.

If this is how it ends
Let me drown in that endless sea.
If this is how I die
Tell my son - he never knew me.

Following the rhymes of broken lines
Of love, loss, and things I’m thinking,
I’m writing letters to myself.
Dear god -- the horizon’s shrinking.

Encrypted manuscripts of lives we should’ve shared.
One day you took to sea
& the letters you wrote, they never reached me.

When we dance, we dance alone.
Our bodies strain we took to song.
The flagship’s falling -- it won’t be long.
When you take to sea. Sing this song.

When we danced, we danced alone.
Our bodies swayed under the sinking sun.
Our flagship’s falling -- it won’t be long.
When you take to sea I hope you hear my song.

When we danced like lovers, we danced alone.
Singing to the stars -- a sea of endless drones.
We are all alone.

Let me drown in the endless sea.
Tell my son.
Track Name: we, the faithful, fallen.
We sat silent at the feet of a savior.
Trying to reach
The hands that laid our death aside
Will come undone.
I won’t die for his words.

We are broken by the cost.
Shaped these futures for the cross.
But how do we accept the dark without the light?
Or maybe we fade in time?

I spent my days trying to forget
All of the lies spinning around my head.
Between the eyes we’ve looked for signs
Far from the light.

I will die -- I will die alone.
The silence of our shallow tomb.

Oh, embrace the heart that fought for all.
The truth imbued.
Are these thoughts outside of what you had?
Track Name: martyred
Place the bread upon my lips.
Taste the wine under my skin.
Kneel to the ones you loved before.
Heaven open up your doors.

I sought you, you fought me.
This isn't the way it’s suppose to be!
Your begotten one, your forgotten one.

When we die, we die alone.
An empty cross, an empty tomb.
When we die, we die alone.

I would die for you -- I would kill in your name;
But you're not coming back.
I forgot my way.
I would die for you,
Beg and plead for you.
But I don't know your name.

Oh god, clasp these pilgrim hands
Coarse with fear, and endlessly begging.
My knees went weak, splintered and shaking,
filthy with the works of my fathers hands.

Wrought with the lies I tell myself,
broken on the backs of every word.
I sleep with stars in my eyes.
I sleep with my lips pressed against your cheek.
Track Name: the writhing heart
Halfway there, yet so far gone.
I awoke to a darkened sun.
Climbing to find glory
Tethered to the world below.

Talk sweetly, love,
Because this is the last chance we’ll get
Fall asleep, my love.
I won’t be here when you wake.

This is my season in hell;
My time to erase the thoughts of you.
The years circled around.
Time was a moment I had to waste.

You burned it down,
& walked away without a sound.

I found my life again.
Realized the worth you thought you stole.
Finding hope beyond your grasp.
I’m chasing light into the dark.
Track Name: erinyes trisiphone
With dulling light from the stars in the distance
Fading shadows from sun-bleached gravestones
We awaken — we take in
Everything there is to know.

About the tightening of nooses in courtyards
Pin-pricked hands - bloody knees on the pulpit.
We awaken — We take in
Everything there is to know.

These wavering chapels of light
Won’t shine to guide these vessels home.

Awake, awake now, my sleeper
and taste all that I am.
Awake, awake now, my redeemer
and become all that I am.

Take heart my child.
Take this heart my child.
In the morning we all will find the end.
Track Name: in time denounced
We sat in a great hall
Surrounded by our captive few
Bleeding, unsettled
We take off the crest we wore as truth.

Then we became the air
That filled the room

& when we fall, we fall into the ground.
& when we love, we loved these sacred prose.
And when we sang, we sang with holy tongues,
and cast away the heart that’s bleeding out.

(Come away all who’s scared & retrace the autumn sky)

We flew too far from the sun
When the light touch our wrists and our eyes cannot feel the warmth
Come away all you weary and poor
Where the sound of the blood and the light from sun start to fade.
Track Name: cronus
There's a beast inside of me clawing at my ribs.
There's a demon that never sleeps & it wants my head
Fight the fear that hides terror in the night
Fight the pain that grows & hate that flows from my head.
Like the blood I let, and the rage I've sent
To my enemies; blaming them for this.
But I create the monster splitting at the seams.
Am I the only one to blame for the hell I bring?

I’m the beast inside of you clawing at your ribs
I’m the demon that never sleeps & I want your head.
Fight the fear that hides the terror in the night
Trace the pain that grows & the hate that flows from your head.
Like the blood you let, & the pain you’ve sent
To your enemies; blaming them for this.
You create the monster splitting at the seams.
You’re the only one to blame for the hell you bring.

(It’s not ‘til this is finished that I will sleep)

Die with me it’s not until it’s finished
We will sleep
Track Name: an introspect divide
I turn my head to the sun.
Eyes open to feel the blaze.
Blinding light into decay.
These melted wings that I embrace.

I should've been bolder, should have been wiser,
Could've been something more.
I should have listened to the words you spoke.
I should have remembered you were always there.

You wrote me a letter before you ascended
But I left it by your bedside.
These psalms and choirs ring.
We heard everything. We heard nothing.
You wrote me a letter but I left it by your bedside.
You wrote me a letter.

I bare witness, I bare witness
Forsake all these haunting tones.
The siren is calling, the kingdom is falling.
You are not alone.
Track Name: erinyes alecto
There’s a beast at our table
& wild vines at our feet.
Can we sit here and talk a while?
Retell the heavens you spoke to me.

If there’s a god someplace in heaven
Can I lay there at his feet?
& lay beside you at the place we’ve dreamt of;
Reclaim the moments he stole from me

Be still, be still, my child
& tell me when the dawn has come
to wash it all away.

Be still my child.
We will wander through the woods again.
Track Name: under florentine skies
We found peace from thoughts
that have outgrown us.
Smearing ashes on atoning hands.
We’ve feigned psalms of our postured adoration
Our hands cleansed through the blood of salvation.

You were the only one for me
My father, my king.
The apparition of a savior
& everything I believed.

Like a flare from your mourning star
Became the words that filled my mouth
I did this for you, didn't I do this for you
Was the light shown not bright enough

All those things you said, every word you bled
swear to god, was the good for us
But you had to know, you had to know
I'll be frozen in time by this destiny

We are the faithless patriarchs
Doomed to live beneath the snow

Faithless patriarchs
on this holy ground.
It holds no meaning for me now.
With no king to be crowned,
We hung upside down
For the sins that were chosen.

canyons we carved from this
are monuments we left
For you to bow.
Testaments to the pyres we burned.
And the rivers we crossed
For this destined purpose.

Oh my god, please take this cup
Take this cup from my lips.
Oh my god, the blood you spilled
You never spilled for me.
Oh my god, cut out my tongue
I can’t command your ships
Oh my god, the prayers you spoke
Left me an amputee.

(Is there a permanent love
for all the temporary things?)

Dear brother, dear sister,
He stole my joy from me.
Dear mother, dear father,
Am I good enough for you?