by ourfathers.

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released August 15, 2015



all rights reserved


ourfathers. San Francisco, California

With the catalyst of the founding members fathers passing away- They wrote an ode to the recently deceased asking for advice; expecting no answers.

These songs are what they have left of the memories of the men who raised them and the widows they left behind.
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Track Name: XI
I turn my head to the sun
Eyes open to feel the blaze
Blinding light into decay
These melted wings that I embrace

I should've been bolder
Should have been wiser
Could've been something more
I should have listened to the words you spoke
I should have remembered you were always there

You wrote me a letter before you ascended
But I left it by your bedside
These psalms and choirs ring
We heard everything
We heard nothing
You write me a letter
But I left it by your bedside
You wrote me a letter...

I bared witness, I bared witness
Forsake all these haunting tones
The siren is calling, the kingdom is falling
You are not alone
Track Name: III
Our bodies sway under gallows
Drunkships and lanterns sinking
Our hearts used to beat for forever
With the pressing of our lips we save face
With dull quills we carve paths
Rivers of ink leading us away
Like lovers we embrace
The tide is begging us to stay
If this is how it ends
Let me drown in the endless sea
If this is how I die
Tell my son he never knew me

When we dance, we danced alone
Our bodies strain, we took to song
The flag ships falling, it won't be long
When you take to sea, sing this song

Following the ryhmes of broken lines
Of love loss and things I'm thinking
I've been writing letters to myself
Dear god horizons shrinking
Encrypted manuscripts of love
We should have shared
One day you took to sea
And the letters you wrote
They never reached me

When we dance, we danced alone
Our bodies sway, under the sinking sun
The flagships falling, it won't be long
When you take to sea, I hope you here me song
When we danced like lovers, we danced alone
Singing to the stars a sea of endless drone
We're all alone, We are all alone
We're alone, we are all alone

Let me drown in the endless sea
Tell my son, Tell my son
He never knew me
Track Name: V
Place the bread upon my lips
Taste the wine under my skin
Kneel to the ones you loved before
Heaven open up your doors
I sought you, you fought me
This isn't the way its suppose to be
Your begotten one, your forgotten one

When we die we die alone
An empty cross an empty tomb
When we die we die alone

I would die for you
I would kill in your name
But you're not coming back
I forgot my way
I would die for you
Beg and plead for you
But I don't know your name
I don't know your name

Oh god, clasp these pilgrim hands
Coarse with fear and endlessly begging
My knees went weak, splintered and shaking
Filthy with the works of my fathers hands
Wrought with the lies I tell myself
Broken on the backs of every word
I sleep with stars in my eyes
I sleep with my lips pressed against your cheek
Track Name: VII
Half way there and so far gone
I awoke to a darkened sun
Climbing to find glory
Tethered to the world below

Talk sweetly love
Because its the last chance that we'll get
Fall asleep my love
I won't be here when you wake

This is my season in hell
My time to erase these thoughts of you
The years circled around
Time was a moment I had to waste
You burned it down
And walked away without a sound
You burned it down
And walked away without a sound

I found my life again
Realized the worth you thought you stole
Finding hope beyond your grasp
I'm chasing lights into the dark